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Standard and Custom Crates

Sometimes your shipment does not require a fully enclosed wood box. For such items we offer the cost effective alternative of an open-sided crate. This style of packaging looks like a cage around your items. At Orange County Crating we understand the importance of your valuable belongings, and also that we all have budgets to consider. If after talking with you about your shipment we feel that an open-sided crate will be the best packaging option, we'll let you know.

Some clients already know the exact specifications of their containers while others rely on our years of experience to design their solution. To help speed the process, we've developed a state of the art computer program that allows us to quickly design and price your shipping container. We've established relationships with most major shipping companies and can arrange your shipment and negotiate discounts on your behalf. It's no wonder we have thousands of satisfied clients—Orange County Crating is your one-stop crating and shipping solution.

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