Pomona, CA's Premier Crating, Packing & Shipping Provider for All Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Applications

Orange County Crating is Pomona's best value for high-quality, cost-effective packaging, crating, and shipping. We specialize in:

  • customized wooden boxes
  • customized wooden crates
  • customized, standard, and reconditioned pallets
  • flat rack wrapping, strapping, and container blocking
  • small- and large-scale business relocations
  • international and domestic freight forwarding/shipping coordination

Our licensed, family-owned business provides all of the above services to those located throughout Pomona. We have over 50 years of experience and have served thousands of residential, commercial, and industrial clients across Southern California. Our accrued knowledge and experience shows in everything we do, from our accurate estimates to our expert packaging designs. As your one-stop crating and shipping solution, OC Crating provides professional consultations, fast and accurate quotes, timely design, manufacturing, and delivery of your packaging, on-site/off-site packing, and secure shipping arrangements to any location across the globe.

Pomona Domestic & International Crating, Packaging

Our employees are highly trained and skilled, and many have been working with our company for over 20 years. This level of experience and expertise means there are virtually no limitations to what we are able to package for our clients. Additionally, as a certified supplier of wooden crates and shipping containers, we are knowledgeable and fully compliant with all shipping rules and regulations, including heat-treated lumber requirements for international shipping.

We provide Pomona clients with free, instant quotes over the phone, online, or in person. There are no minimum or maximum size/weight requirements, and we'll provide you with a custom shipping solution to meet your unique needs--no more, no less. Please watch our video to learn more about how Orange County Crating is meeting the packing, crating, and shipping needs of clients from every industry, including aerospace and defense, automotive, medical, manufacturing, interior design, entertainment, art, and more.

The Preferred Full-Service Packaging and Shipping Company for Pomona, California

Orange County Crating has the experience and capacity to serve all of your packaging and shipping needs in Pomona and beyond. We have been designing custom packaging and shipping solutions for over five decades and can be relied upon to handle, sufficiently protect, and ship items of any weight, size, dimension, or sensitivity. We've established numerous connections and long-standing relationships with most major shipping companies across the globe. Our long-standing, ethical business practices allow us to coordinate shipping and even negotiate discounts or price-matches with these shipping companies. And, our close ties with all major LTD freight carriers as well as air, ocean, and rapid delivery carriers allow for secure and convenient freight forwarding. In addition, we can provide on or off site packing to all Pomona businesses. Call today for a fast, free quote.

Industries Served

Shrink Wrap & Packaging Supply for Shipping Pomona

Orange County Crating: Servicing a Diverse Array of Pomona, California Industries with High-Quality Packing and Shipping Services

Orange County Crating is Pomona's best source for packing, crating, and shipping services for clients from every industry. We have the capacity and expertise to coordinate and design packaging and shipping solutions for items of all types, dimensions, and sizes. For over five decades we have served the needs of Pomona's defense, aerospace, medical, art, antique, electronics, automobile, and other industries with cost-effective crating and shipping services.

The diverse array of industries we serve includes, but is not limited to:

Military and Aerospace. As a certified government supplier for over 50 years, we fully adhere to manufacturer and government shipping regulations using comprehensive safety measures to handle aerospace and military equipment of all sizes, weights, and types. Whether it's a small aircraft with a delicate engine, or a tank weighing 90 tons, Orange County Crating can handle it.

Medical. We work extensively with hospitals, doctors, and medical and laboratory manufacturers to safely pack, crate, and ship all types of medical equipment to any domestic or international destination.

Computer and Electronics. We understand the need for meticulous and secure packaging when it comes to transporting electronics, and we employ all measures necessary, including shock absorbers and tilt indicators, to safely deliver our clients' electronics from Pomona to large corporations, stores, schools, private individuals, and electronic warehouses across the globe.

Art and Antiques. We work with auction houses, galleries, artists, art and antique collectors, and more to custom design and execute a plan to safely ship their high value and delicate items. We account for temperature sensitivity, material, age, weight, size, and all other requirements.

In addition to the industries listed above, we have also worked with countless families and individuals. Call today to tell us about what you wish to ship or store. We'll provide a professional solution that is customized to your unique needs.

Open-Slat Crates for Assembly Line Relocation

Highly Durable Custom-Made Open-Slat Crates for Pomona, California

Orange County Crating strives to provide our Pomona clients with the best prices available, and will walk you through whether a crate is the best packing and shipping option to fit your needs. An open sided crate is an open-sided container similar in design to a wooden cage, and is an excellent shipping option for many of our customers, including those transporting a piece of machinery with a solid frame. We offer custom-designed wooden crates with a wide variety of wrapping, strapping, and blocking options. With our precise, comprehensive crate designs, we provide Pomona clients with a convenient and cost-efficient shipping option to get their items safely from point A to point B.

Weather Protected Packaging Services in Pomona

High-Quality Custom-Made Boxes for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Applications in Pomona, California

Orange County Crating offers our Pomona customers skillfully engineered custom-designed wooden boxes to transport or store products of any size or weight. Our close-sided wooden boxes are the best shipping solution for those whose items are fragile, made up of many pieces, or highly valuable. With our wooden boxes, we can also design special packing to protect your item from environmental conditions such as debris, temperature changes, moisture, vapor, and more. We'll also carefully consider what blocking and strapping, cushioning, or cradling is necessary--without ever over-packing your item. By calling and speaking with our packing and shipping experts, you'll make sure that you are getting the precise packaging that you need for the most advantageous price. By simply giving us a call today, we will walk you through your options and develop the best packing and shipping choice for your needs.

Custom, Standard & Reconditioned Pallets/Skids for Pomona

Affordable Custom-Made, Standard, and Reconditioned Pallets/Skids for Pomona, California

At Orange County Crating, we are always looking to help our Pomona clients save money without having to compromise the quality of our services. One of the most significant cost-savings we can offer is determining that an item can be successfully shipped using a pallet or skid rather than a wooden box or crate. Our pallets/skids are available in standard and custom sizes. We also offer reconditioned pallets in the following sizes: 36"x36", 42"x42", 48"x40", and 48"x48'. All of our pallets and skids are highly engineered and rigorously tested for structural quality. Plus they are environmentally friendly and make it easier to slide, lift, pack, and move your items. To secure and protect your item, we offer a variety of strapping and wrapping options as well as Skid-Mates, shock absorption, and foam. If you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to pack and ship your item, our custom or standard designed high-quality pallets and skids are your best Pomona solution.

Call Orange County Crating today to receive your free quote. Estimates are available over phone, online, or in person.

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Customer Reviews


As an exhibitor at a large show at the Anaheim Convention Center, my largest shipping crate was damaged and rendered unusable. With only 36 hours notice, I called Tyler at Orange County Crating who quickly gave me a fair quote and delivery time. My new crates are being delivered today several hours early and we will now be able to tear down, pack up and return to NY later today. Highly recommend these guys - pricing was awesome and service perfect! Great company!

David Colangelo Via Google Reviews

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I had a very critical piece of equipment that needed to be shipped to Texas and OC Crating took over the task of picking up, sorting, crating, and shipping my item with EASE. I was and still am very grateful that they made my shipment delivery super smooth. Marie Burns was very helpful. Pricing was very honest as well. I highly recommend this company.

Thanks Marie! God Bless you and OC Crating.

Pablo Ledezma Jr Via Google Reviews

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I recently used Orange County Crating to pack and ship a lot of items from USA to UK and the service was excellent and very smooth. Really competitive price and value for shipping two large crates. They packed the crates nicely and also dealt with the shipping company for me. After the crates were sent they followed up to make sure things were going smoothly. All in all a very friendly, efficient and fast company. Would definitely use again and I would recommend to others.

Jo H., Newport Beach, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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