Industrial Equipments, Large Machinery Packing & Crating

Industrial Equipment & Large Machinery Shipping, Crating & Packing

At Orange County Crating we understand the value of your industrial equipment and large machinery. With over 50 years' experience, we are experts in handling all kinds of large-scale equipment. We are proud to be the premiere shipping solution provider for Southern California and to specialize in the packaging, crating and shipping of large machinery.

Some clients already know the exact specifications of their containers while others rely on our years of experience to design their solution. To help speed the process, we've developed an advanced computer program that allows us to quickly design and price your shipping container.

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Water Filtration Tank Packaging Shipping Box Orange County Water filtration tank blocked & banded
to the base of a shipping box

Over the years we have worked extensively with manufactures and business and machinery movers to crate large machinery for safe transport to a variety of destinations. Whether you're shipping your machinery across the country or around the world, you can count on Orange County Crating for fast, secure and reliable service.