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Trade Show Crating, Packing & Shipping Redlands

Orange County Crating is the one-stop crating and shipping solution for residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout Redlands. We offer cost-effective, customized packaging, crating, and/or shipping to meet the needs of every industry. We have over 50 years of experience designing and building wooden boxes, crates, and pallets/skids, as well as the internal packaging needed to protect and secure items of any size, dimension, or weight. Our loyal team of packaging experts--some of whom have worked with us for over two decades--have the knowledge and expertise to determine the best container and shipping options to successfully and safely transport your items without any over-packaging. Call today for a fast and free quote.

At Orange County Crating, we have been in business in Southern California since 1971--when it was a small business in Charlie and Marie Mayo's garage. In 1974 our family-owned business moved to a Santa Ana lumberyard, and in 1990, Orange County Crating built its present facility in Orange, California, where our crating, packing, and shipping business continues to grow. Today, Orange County Crating continues to offer Redlands and other Orange County communities high-quality custom packaging and shipping solutions at a great price--all while retaining our foundational values of highly personalized service, honest advice, and uncompromised integrity.

With Orange County Crating, you can rest assured that you'll always benefit from:

As a full-service packing and shipping company, Redlands customers can trust that we'll take care of every aspect of your shipment. In addition to custom-made wooden boxes, crates, skids, and pallets, we also provide freight forwarding; reliable flat rack wrapping, strapping and container blocking; household packing and crating; business and assembly line relocation services; and more. Plus there is never a size or weight requirement or limit to take advantage of our services.

Interested in learning more about Orange County Crating's crating and shipping services? Call us today for a free consultation and estimate.

Industries Served

Custom Wooden Boxes for Electronics Goods

Orange County Crating: Your Source for Superior Custom Packaging Options for Redlands, CA

Custom Wooden Boxes for Redlands, CA

We've packaged a large variety of items for Redlands and the surrounding communities, from large machinery and equipment to extremely fragile antiques and highly delicate artwork. When cargo requires custom packaging, we use our state-of-the-art software to determine the exact dimensions necessary for manufacturing the strongest and most secure wooden shipping box at the lowest possible cost. For additional information about our superior custom wooden boxes for Redlands, or to schedule a free estimate, call us today.

Customized Crates for Heavy Items Designs in Redlands

Custom Wooden Crates for Redlands, CA

Orange County Crating is always sensitive to the budgetary concerns of our Redlands clients. So when a fully-enclosed box isn't required, we offer an excellent, less costly substitute: an open-sided crate. We can custom-make a crate to any dimension. With our custom crates, you'll find your packaging and shipping costs are lower than they would be with a wooden box. For additional information about our custom wooden crates for Redlands, call us today. Estimates are free.

Two Way Wooden Pallets Skids near Redlands, CA

Standard, Reconditioned, and Custom Wooden Pallets for Redlands, CA

Orange County Crating also offers Redlands clients another cost-effective shipping alternative: standard, custom and reconditioned pallets and skids. We carry several standard pallets including 2- or 4-way plywood, and packaging with Skid-Mates, foam or shock absorption. We also offer economical reconditioned standard pallets, available in the following standard sizes: 36" x 36", 42" x 42", 48" x 40", and 48" x 48". All our reconditioned pallets are thoroughly inspected to ensure they're structurally sound and safe for reuse. And, when a standard new or reconditioned pallet is insufficient for your cargo, our proprietary software ensures you receive a pallet of exactly the right dimensions and strength for completely safe and reliable shipping. For additional information about our cost-effective standard, reconditioned, and custom wooden pallets for Redlands, or to schedule a free estimate, call us today.

Computers Crating & Shipping Services Redlands

Orange County Crating: Redlands, CA's Number One Choice for Quality Commercial Crating and Shipping Services

For over five decades, Orange County Crating has provided Redlands with superior crating and shipping services for all industries. Our clients come from military and defense, aerospace, the arts, educational facilities, electronic and computer companies, medical equipment manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, and more. Because we have no limits in what we can package, we can serve the needs of any client and ensure the safe shipment of their products, while remembering to keep costs to a minimum.

Here's how we serve a number of our commercial clients:

Redlands Aerospace Crating and Shipping Supplier

Certified Government, Defense and Aerospace Crating & Shipping for Redlands, CA

Orange County Crating has been a certified government supplier for over five decades. We are experts in crating and shipping government, defense and aerospace related items because our founder, Charlie Mayo, spent many years in the aerospace industry, and used his background to develop our specialized government, defense and aerospace packaging services. We strictly adhere to all government and manufacturer specifications for safety and security, and we supplement those specifications with our own comprehensive measures. That's why more government, military, aerospace and defense companies in Redlands rely on Orange County Crating for the very best in crating and shipping services.

All Types of Antiques Shipping from Redlands, CA

Art and Antique Crating & Shipping for Redlands, CA

Since 1971, Orange County Crating has been the trusted supplier of crating and shipping services for artwork, antiques and other high value items. We know how to safely package and ship these items both domestically and internationally. Whether a Winchester '73 rifle is going to a private collector, a one-of-a-kind Eames chair is heading to a Sotheby's auction, or a collection of original paintings to an exhibition, Orange County Crating has the perfect crating and shipping solution. Our exclusive software ensures that each item receives precisely the right packaging, and we work directly with a number of leading shippers to ensure you receive the very best pricing. With literally thousands of satisfied clients, Orange County Crating is the premier provider of crating and shipping services for Redlands gallery owners, private collectors, and auction houses dealing in art, antiques and other high value items.

Medical Devices Crating, Packing & Shipping Solutions

Medical and Laboratory Equipment Crating & Shipping for Redlands, CA

For over five decades Orange County Crating has been the provider of choice for manufacturers of medical and laboratory equipment in Redlands and other communities. We've worked with medical research corporations, manufacturers, doctors and hospitals to custom design sturdy, secure wooden boxes, crates and pallets to ship medical and laboratory equipment both across the country and around the world. That's why Orange County Crating is the one-stop crating and shipping solution for medical and laboratory equipment for Redlands.

Redlands Telecom Accessories Packaging & Shipping

Computer and Electronics Crating & Shipping for Redlands, CA

Orange County Crating excels in crating and shipping computers, monitors, and other electronics for Redlands and other Orange County residents and companies. We've shipped thousands of computers and other types of electronic equipment domestically and internationally, and have the expertise to ensure the safe transport of your electronic items. We use appropriate protective measures and can also install ShockWatch and/or Tilt Indicators on your boxes to ensure proper handling. So whether you're shipping a group of desktops to a school, a group of workstations to your new business location, or your personal computers to your new home, you can count on Orange County Crating to provide the very best personalized and customized crating and shipping solutions available.

Motorcycle Shipping Company Redlands, California

Auto and Motorcycle Crating & Shipping for Redlands, CA

Private car owners and auto and motorcycle dealers in Redlands prefer Orange County Crating as their primary supplier of crating and shipping services. Why? Because they know they can rely on our decades of experience and expertise to ensure that their cars, motorcycles, and automotive parts will be shipped safely and securely. Every shipment is carefully arranged by our crating experts who can determine the most cost-effective shipping method using our advanced software. When you work with us, you'll only pay for the packaging you need--no more, no less. Whether you're a private owner shipping a pair of motorcycles from Redlands to an overseas destination for a touring ride or an auction house sending an automotive item to a winning bidder in Redlands, you know you'll get the very best crating and shipping advice and service from Orange County Crating.

Orange County Crating: The #1 Choice for Household, Trade Show, Business or Assembly Line Relocation and Large Machinery Crating and Shipping in Redlands, CA

In addition to the above, Orange County Crating also offers first-rate crating and shipping services for a wide variety of other scenarios, including household moves, business and industrial relocations, shipments of trade show displays, and large machinery transportation in Redlands. Whatever your crating and shipping need, we will ensure you receive the very best packaging and shipping services available. With thousands of satisfied clients and over our five decades in business, Orange County Crating is your best resource for the finest quality crating and shipping services available at great rates. For additional information, or to obtain a free crating and shipping estimate, call us today.

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As an exhibitor at a large show at the Anaheim Convention Center, my largest shipping crate was damaged and rendered unusable. With only 36 hours notice, I called Tyler at Orange County Crating who quickly gave me a fair quote and delivery time. My new crates are being delivered today several hours early and we will now be able to tear down, pack up and return to NY later today. Highly recommend these guys - pricing was awesome and service perfect! Great company!

David Colangelo Via Google Reviews

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I am a purchasing agent for a hydraulics company in Rancho Cucamonga CA. We needed a power unit shipped to the east coast over night. Tyler at Orange County Crating was extremely helpful and made it happen! Thanks OC Crating you saved the day :)

David S Via Google Reviews

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