Orange County Crating, Since 1971: Claremont, CA's Trusted Source for High-Quality, Custom Wood Box, Crates, & Pallets as well as Comprehensive Packaging and Shipping

For over five decades, Orange County Crating has provided exceptional packaging and shipping solutions to thousands of satisfied commercial, industrial and residential clients in Claremont and the surrounding areas. Our cost-effective solutions include custom-built and standard wood boxes, crates, and pallets/skids, as well as flat rack wrapping and strapping, freight forwarding, and relocation coordination. There are no limits to what we can package and ship, and can meet your needs whether you need one shipping container or hundreds.

By working with Orange County Crating, you can trust that you are working with experts who know how to reliable transport items of any size, weight, and dimension. Our staff averages 20 years of experience, not just in the industry but in working with us. Our employees have worked with clients from nearly every field, ranging from industrial manufacturing to aerospace and defense, and from the fine arts to computers and electronics. Since no job is too big or too small, we also can meet the needs and budgets of small businesses, individuals, and families.

Orange County Crating has an impressive reputation for not only designing and manufacturing highly engineered and cost-effective wood packaging solutions, but also for negotiating significant shipping discounts with most major domestic and international shipping providers. By excelling in both areas, we can ensure that both your packaging and shipping arrangements are carefully tailored to your cargo, resulting in a significantly reduced risk of damage or mistakes in transit.

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Industries Served

Domestic Packing Services Company in Claremont, CA

Orange County Crating--Superior Custom Packaging Solutions for Claremont, CA

When it comes to custom packaging, Orange County Crating offers a unique, valuable asset to clients in Claremont; a special, proprietary software that enables us to design, engineer and manufacture precisely the right packaging for each item. In just minutes, our software gives you an exceptionally accurate quote for our services and reliably determine if a pallet, box or crate will best meet your packaging needs. Celebrated for our highly professional customer service, Orange County Crating also offers a team of professionals with exceptional knowledge and expertise. Many of our employees have been with us for over 20 years, offering a level of experience that is unmatched by most other packaging and shipping companies. They'll work closely with you to determine the best solution for your packaging and shipping need, and make sure the entire process runs smoothly and efficiently, from your initial quote to your shipment's arrival at its final destination.

Our custom packaging solutions have served a broad range of clients from a number of industries:

  • Government, Defense and Aerospace
  • Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories and Medical Research Facilities
  • Factories, Assembly Lines and Manufacturing Plants
  • Automobile and Motorcycle Dealerships and Manufacturers
  • Galleries, Museums and Auction Houses
  • Art and Antique Dealers and Collectors
  • Trade Show Exhibitors and Producers
  • Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Residential Households and Estates

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Statue Packing Crates, Boxes for Claremont, California

Orange County Crating's Finely Crafted Wooden Packaging and Crating for Claremont, CA Businesses and Residents

One size never fits all, so Orange County Crating offers Claremont residential and commercial clients a variety of packaging options to meet their varied needs:

Wooden Shipping Box for Claremont, CA

Orange County Crating offers exceptionally strong wooden boxes in custom-made designs to meet the needs of a variety of business, industrial and residential clients in Claremont and the surrounding areas. We carefully calculate the packaging needs of every new shipment request to determine the necessary protection and internal wrapping, cushion, blocking, or special hardware. This way we ensure that you aren't paying for any packaging you don't need while ensuring your cargo will safely reach its final destination and the needs of your end user. Our packaging experts have the expertise to know what questions to ask to make sure nothing is overlooked and our advanced software has been developed to determine the proper specifications needed for your wooden box. If you know what size box you need, we can also build a box according to your specifications. Additionally, we offer a large selection of standard size boxes. Call today to learn more.

Storage & Shipping Wooden Boxes near Claremont, CA

Wooden Shipping Crates for Claremont, CA

For shipments that don't require a fully enclosed box, we recommend our reliable and cost-effective open-sided crates. Our crates are custom built with high-quality wood and available in any size. This shipping method is ideal for items with a strong, rigid frame or large items without loose parts or components. Speak with one of our crating specialists today to determine if a crate is the best packaging option for your needs in Claremont.

Wooden Pallets and Skids for Claremont, CA

Orange County Crating also offers our Claremont clients high-quality, economical skids and pallets for moving and shipping cargo of any size and weight. Our custom pallets are designed, engineered and manufactured either to your specifications, or by using our proprietary software to determine the precise specifications. Several pallet options are available, including 2- or 4-way plywood, as well as packaging with Skid-Mates, foam or shock absorption. Orange County Crating also offers pallets a variety of standard sizes, including reconditioned pallets which are highly affordable and thoroughly inspected for structural soundness.

Whatever your private, commercial, or industrial packaging and shipping needs--whether it's shipping the contents of your home across country, a rare painting to a gallery, a booth and supplies to a tradeshow, or specialized medical equipment to a research facility, Orange County Crating is Claremont's best resource for the finest packaging, crating and shipping services available. Why not join the thousands of satisfied clients who have used our comprehensive crating, packaging and shipping services? Call Orange County Crating today to schedule a consultation with one of our Crating and Shipping Experts.

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Needed a big piece of artwork shipped to Australia the next day and not have my pants pulled down over the price like some other companies tried to do. Called OC crating and Tyler there was super helpful, super professional and sorted it all out within an hour with no need for back and forth and best of all, a great quote. Thanks OC Crating u guys rule!

Michael S., Los Angeles, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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Always so impressed with their work and most of all the people at this company are so helpful and sweet. You really do get the family owned business feel when working with them. They have exceeded our expectations and requirements every time!

Saleena H., Los Angeles, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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Orange County Crating had to deal with a difficult suppler. They picked up thousands of breakable material from supplier. they sorted out damaged pieces. Did a perfect job of packing ^,000 lbs of small pieces and shipped to ct. I can say enough about the service and professional work they do.

Edward Schine Via Google Reviews

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