Exceptional Crating, Packaging & Shipping Services at Cost-Effective Prices for Santa Ana, CA

Welcome to Orange County Crating. Since 1971, we've provided exceptionally high quality crating, packaging and shipping services for customers throughout Santa Ana and other Southern California communities. Thousands of residential, commercial, and industrial clients choose us to manage their packing and shipping needs because we offer:

  • Strong Expertise in Every Aspect of Crating, Packaging and Freight Forwarding
  • 50 Years of Experience Handling Items of All Sizes & Dimensions
  • Superior, Personal and Professional Service
  • Precision Packaging Solutions with No Excessive Packaging
  • Partnerships with Major Domestic & International Shipping Providers for Exceptional Discounts
Residential & Commercial Furniture Packaging & Shipping

With our extensive experience, dedicated team of packaging professionals, and competitive rates, family-owned Orange County Crating is Santa Ana's best value for crating and shipping. Many of our employees have been with us for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on providing superb, personalized service to each client regardless of the size of their job. It's that element of highly personalized service that truly sets Orange County Crating apart from the competition: We will take care of every aspect of your shipment, from the engineering and manufacturing of your custom wooden box, crate, or pallet and any necessary internal bracing and cushioning components to the coordination of your shipment anywhere in the world. We welcome jobs of all sizes and we have no volume or weight limit for the items we package, crate and ship.

Orange County Crating is literally a one-stop provider for packaging, crating and shipping, removing the need for our clients to secure separate shipping services and ensuring that the entire process runs smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. Call us today for a free instant quote.

Industries Served

Automotive Accessories Crates & Packaging

Orange County Crating for All Your Packaging Needs in Santa Ana, California

Orange County Crating supplies Santa Ana residents and businesses with custom-designed and -built wooden boxes, crates, pallets and skids. For our custom packaging, we use our highly specialized proprietary software, which quickly determines the exact dimensions of your cargo and its required packaging, enabling us to give you an accurate quote within minutes and ensure that your item receives the protection necessary for its safe transport. Through the use of this software and with the watchful eyes of our packaging experts, we'll also make sure you never pay for packaging you don't need.

Orange County Crating offers a variety of options for wooden packaging, both standard and custom, to meet your shipping needs in Santa Ana:

Wooden Box Packaging Solutions in Santa Ana, CA

Custom Wooden Boxes for Santa Ana, CA -- Industrial/Commercial/Residential.

We've packaged a large variety of items for Santa Ana and the surrounding communities, including large machinery and equipment, electronics, medical devices, automobiles and motorcycles, artwork, antiques, sculptures, and more. We use our proprietary software to determine the exact dimensions required for your wooden box as well as any internal components. Our wooden box packaging solutions always take into consideration the fragility of your item as well as the needs of your end user, while looking for ways to save you money on packaging and freight costs. Interested in learning more about our sturdy standard and custom wooden boxes? Call us today to schedule a free estimate.

Solid Standard & Custom Wooden Crates Santa Ana

Custom Wooden Crates for Santa Ana, CA -- Ideal for Industrial Packing & Shipping.

Orange County Crating's packaging experts will carefully evaluate your item(s) to determine if a crate will suffice for your packing and shipping needs in Santa Ana. Our crates are made of high-quality wood and sturdy craftsmanship, but are open-sided like a cage rather than fully enclosed like a wooden box. A crate often provides sufficient protection for large, sturdy items with solid frames and no loose components or parts, but saves our clients money on freight and packaging costs due to the reduced amount of material. We offer a wide variety of standard size crates as well as custom-engineered crates. Interested in learning more about our solid standard and custom wooden crates? Call us today to schedule a free estimate.

Standard & Custom Design Reconditioned Pallets & Skids

Custom Wooden Pallets and Skids for Shipments in Santa Ana, CA

Orange County Crating offers another economical alternative for our Santa Ana clients--standard, custom and reconditioned pallets and skids. We carry several standard pallets, including 2- or 4-way plywood, and packaging with Skid-Mates, foam or shock absorption. For extra savings, we also offer reconditioned standard pallets which are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they're structurally safe for reuse. Orange County Crating's reconditioned pallets are available in the following standard sizes: 36" x 36", 42" x 42", 48" x 40", and 48" x 48". But when a standard new or reconditioned pallet is insufficient to meet your needs, our proprietary software ensures that you receive a pallet of exactly the right dimensions for safe shipping. Interested in learning more about our economical standard, reconditioned, and custom wooden pallets? Call us today to schedule a free estimate.

Effective Custom Packaging for Large Machinery & Equipment for Santa Ana, CA

Orange County Crating has packaged large industrial equipment and machinery for a variety of industries in Santa Ana and the surrounding communities for over five decades. It's in this arena where our special software is most useful, because the precise dimensions it measures allow us to manufacture a container that will safely secure the cargo while keeping costs to a minimum. Interested in learning more about our effective and compliant custom packaging for large machinery and equipment? Call us today to schedule a free estimate.

Large/Heavy Machinery Packaging & Shipping

Versatile Custom Trade Show Boxes for Santa Ana, CA

Orange County Crating has a 40-year history of designing custom shipping boxes for trade show displays and materials. Over the years we've worked closely with exhibitors and trade show producers to determine the most convenient, efficient and durable designs for trade show use. Our custom trade show boxes can be even be designed to double as a display for your exhibit, eliminating the need for storage of your box during the trade show and delivery of it afterwards. Orange County Crating will design your trade show box with the hardware and special features you specify or achieve the functionality you request, whether it's hinged doors for easy opening or casters for convenient transportation. We also ensure your show items are completely safe inside our trade show boxes by using shock absorbing foam and tie-downs as extra protective measures. Interested in learning more about our versatile trade show boxes? Call us today to schedule a free estimate.

Trade Show Box Crates Design near Santa Ana

Container Blocking & Flat Rack Wrapping & Strapping Services for Santa Ana, CA

Orange County Crating understands just how important it is to safely secure items onto flat racks or inside special containers. Over the last five decades we've become experts in providing our Santa Ana clients with exceptional blocking and banding on flat racks, as well as safely securing their machinery in containers. We've also worked with special machinery movers, major corporations and small businesses alike to efficiently secure their cargo. No matter how far your cargo is traveling, with Orange County Crating you can ensure that it will remain undamaged and arrive safely at its destination. Interested in learning more about our Flat Rack Wrapping, Strapping & Container Blocking? Call us today to schedule a free estimate.

Container Blocking, Flat Rack Wrapping & Strapping Santa Ana

Orange County Crating: Providing Quality, Personalized Packaging and Shipping Services for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Clients in Santa Ana, CA for Over 50 Years

With over five decades of experience, Orange County Crating has become the trusted source for:

  • Military/Aerospace Packing & Crating in Santa Ana
  • Large Machinery Packing & Crating in Santa Ana
  • Business/Assembly Line Relocation Packing & Crating in Santa Ana
  • Art/Antique/High Value Packing & Crating in Santa Ana
  • Computer/Electronics Packing & Crating in Santa Ana
  • Household Packing & Crating in Santa Ana
  • Medical & Laboratory Equipment Packing & Crating in Santa Ana
  • Motorcycle/Auto Packing & Crating in Santa Ana

In each of these service areas, we provide exceptional customer service, reliable packaging solutions, superior craftsmanship, and competitive rates. Call us today to obtain an instant quote.

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Customer Reviews


As an exhibitor at a large show at the Anaheim Convention Center, my largest shipping crate was damaged and rendered unusable. With only 36 hours notice, I called Tyler at Orange County Crating who quickly gave me a fair quote and delivery time. My new crates are being delivered today several hours early and we will now be able to tear down, pack up and return to NY later today. Highly recommend these guys - pricing was awesome and service perfect! Great company!

David Colangelo Via Google Reviews

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Orange County Crating had to deal with a difficult suppler. They picked up thousands of breakable material from supplier. they sorted out damaged pieces. Did a perfect job of packing ^,000 lbs of small pieces and shipped to ct. I can say enough about the service and professional work they do.

Edward Schine Via Google Reviews

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I am a purchasing agent for a hydraulics company in Rancho Cucamonga CA. We needed a power unit shipped to the east coast over night. Tyler at Orange County Crating was extremely helpful and made it happen! Thanks OC Crating you saved the day :)

David S Via Google Reviews

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