With Thousands of Satisfied Clients Since 1971, Orange County Crating is Irvine, CA's Best Choice for Reliable, High-Quality Packaging, Crating & Shipping

With our highly engineered standard and custom wooden boxes, crates, and pallets at cost-effective rates, personalized customer service and over 50 years of expertise, Orange County Crating offers incredible value to all of our residential, commercial and industrial clients in Irvine and beyond. Since 1971, we have been providing thousands of satisfied customers with full-serving packaging, crating, and shipping. Here are just a few of the many clients we've served throughout Southern California:

  • Government Agencies
  • Aerospace and Defense Companies
  • Art & Antique Dealers
  • Galleries and Museums
  • Auction Houses
  • Private Collectors
  • Individuals and Families
  • Industrial Manufacturers
  • Laboratory Facilities
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Trade Show Exhibitors/Organizers
  • Motorcycle Dealers and Collectors
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Electronics and Computer Companies
  • Hospitals
  • and Many More!

With such a wide range of satisfied clients, it's no surprise that Orange County Crating has developed an impressive reputation for reliability, service, and value.

No matter what you need to ship or move, Orange County Crating can help. Our employees have years of experience (and some have been with us for decades) and have the knowledge and capabilities to determine the right packaging for your needs. We'll design a packaging solution that will ensure your cargo arrives at its final destination safely without including any over-packaging. Our experts will also provide you with shipping coordination services. As part of this service we'll find you the most competitive price for your shipment and often negotiate special discounts.

For your next shipment, call on Orange County Crating, Irvine's trusted packaging, crating and shipping resource for over 50 years. We are a local, family-owned business and a certified supplier of wooden shipping containers and crates.

Slot Machine Custom Engineered Packaging Solutions Irvine, CA

Highly Engineered Custom Packaging Solutions for Irvine, CA

Orange County Crating has a very special tool for designing the best customized crating and packaging solutions for our clients in Irvine: a highly advanced computer program that we designed to give us the capability to design, engineer and manufacture precisely the right box, crate or pallet for shipments of any size, weight or dimension. Our software also gives us the ability to provide an accurate quote for your packaging and shipping solution in just minutes. While this software is a critical tool, we would not achieve the successful results we have come to expect if it weren't for our team of professionals who average over a decade of experience. Our professional team works closely with each client to determine the safest and most effective solutions for their unique crating and shipping needs. And, we stay in communication with you throughout the entire process, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently, from start to finish

Ready to plan your next shipment? Give Orange County Crating a call to learn more about our exceptional crating and shipping services for Irvine businesses and residents.

Industries Served

Irvine, California Crating & Packaging Services

Orange County Crating's Crating and Packaging Options for Irvine, CA

Since 1971, Orange County Crating has provided finely crafted wooden packaging for a wide range of shipments. Our wood packaging options include:

Fully Enclosed Wooden Boxes for Irvine, CA

Orange County Crating offers exceptionally strong wooden boxes in custom-made designs to meet the needs of a variety of business, industrial and residential clients in Irvine and the surrounding areas. Over the years we've worked extensively with a broad range of clients, from individuals to government contractors to industrial machinery manufacturers. This means that we have the expertise and experience to package items of any size and shape to ensure safe transport to destinations across the country or around the globe. In fact, our wooden shipping boxes can accommodate items that weigh as much as 80,000 lbs. Call today for an instant wood box quote.

Fully Enclosed Wooden Boxes throughout Irvine, CA

Wooden Open-Sided Crates for Irvine, CA

Orange County Crating works closely with each of our Irvine clients to determine the most appropriate packaging solution to meet their needs, and not all shipments require enclosed boxes. For those that don't, we offer a reliable and cost-effective alternative in sturdy, open-sided crates. We can design and manufacture crates to meet the needs of any odd-shaped or over-sized item. Crates are frequently used by our Irvine customers when they ship large machinery, steel sculptures, furniture, and other items with sturdy frames and no loose parts or components.

Custom & Standard Giant Open-Sided Wooden Boxes

Wood Pallets and Skids for Irvine, CA

Orange County Crating also offers our Irvine clients the economical option of custom and standard pallets and skids. Our custom pallets are engineered and manufactured either to your specifications, or to specifications we carefully determine using our proprietary software. If a standard pallet meets your needs, we offer both new and reconditioned pallets in the following sizes: 36" x 36", 40" x 48", 42" x 42", and 48" x 48". All of our pallets are tested for structural integrity and come in either two-way or four-way plywood. Additionally, we can build pallets and skids with foam, shock absorption and/or Skid-Mates.

Full Size Pallets, Skids for Private, Commercial & Industrial

Orange County Crating's Secure Internal Packaging Options for Irvine, CA

With Orange County Crating, you can rest easy knowing that your valuable shipment is properly packaged both inside and out. We have a wide variety of materials and methods to secure your shipment within a container or crate or to a pallet/skid. Options include bubble pack, foam lining, paper pads, banding, straps, plastic wrapping, shrink wrap, bolts, blocking, and more. We also can provide tilt and ShockWatch indicators to ensure proper handling throughout the shipping process. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and estimate.

Whatever your private, commercial, industrial packaging and shipping needs--whether it's shipping the contents of your home across country, a rare painting to a museum or gallery, a booth and supplies to a tradeshow, or specialized medical equipment to a research facility, Orange County Crating is Irvine's best resource for the finest packaging, crating and shipping services available. Why not join the thousands of satisfied clients who have used our packaging and shipping services? Call Orange County Crating today to get a free quote within minutes over the phone or online.

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Customer Reviews


Working with Orange County Crating was the best experience! They were quick, made an excellent crate that arrive at its destination unharmed, and went above and beyond the call of duty trying to get my artwork picked up by FedEx - which was a nightmare.

They were so helpful, contacted me when the shipping issue arose, and tried to work things out for me over the phone. I am totally impressed with their dedication to servicing their clients and will used them as my main source of crating from this point forward. . .

Joe L., Irvine, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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I am so happy to find OC crating for my last packing job. They did such a great job and I can not say enough how professional they are. I highly recommend Tyler who is extremely professional, efficient and friendly! He measured all the equipments on site, and coordinated forklift, packing crew, shipping seamlessly, very impressive! His crew members were also extremely skillful, professional and very polite!

Chris H., Irvine, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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I had the pleasure of working with Joe Rivers at O.C.C. He was so very helpful. I was giving the task of having a crate made for our trade show properties. I had no clue about the dimensions of the items or what the best way was to pack them let alone what size crate I should be having built but thankfully Joe picked up the phone when I called Orange County Crating and was able to answer all of my questions as well as work with me back and forth through email. . .

B M., Newport Beach, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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