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Computer / Electronics Packing & Crating

With over 50 years' experience, we are experts in crating and shipping computers, servers, monitors, telecom equipment and much more. We are proud to be the premiere shipping solution provider for Southern California and to specialize in the secure handling and packaging of your electronic items.

Whether you're shipping a single server locally or hundreds of LED monitors internationally, every solution we offer is custom designed for safe and secure travel across town or around the world. We use every appropriate safety measure to fully protect your items, including installing ShockWatch and/or Tilt indicators on your boxes to ensure proper handling. Over the years we have worked extensively with businesses and electronics companies, as well as schools and homeowners, to custom pack and ship their computers, monitors and other electronic items to a variety of destinations.

Some clients already know the exact specifications for their containers, while others rely on our years of experience to design their solution. To help speed the process, we've developed a state of the art computer program that allows us to quickly design and price your shipping container. We've established relationships with most major shipping companies and can arrange your shipment and negotiate discounts on your behalf. It's no wonder we have thousands of satisfied clients. Orange County Crating is your one-stop crating and shipping solution for computers and electronics.

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Foam Lined Box for Computer Blades near Los Angeles, CA Foam lined box for computer blades
Computer Rack System Packaging & Shipping Orange County Computer rack system packed into a foam lined wooden box
  • Our precise engineering saves clients money because our boxes, crates and pallets are not over-engineered with increased dimensions and extra materials.
  • We have thorough knowledge of international shipping standards including the ISPM 15 heat treatment requirement.
  • There is no volume or weight limit for the item(s) we package, crate and ship.