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Military / Aerospace Packing, Crating & Shipping

Because our founder Charlie Mayo's first career was as an aerospace engineer, we've always had a close relationship with this industry. We are a certified government supplier with over 50 years' experience packing and crating military and aerospace-related items of all kinds. We closely follow government and manufacturer specifications for packing and shipping, and we use comprehensive safety measures to securely package your items.

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Military and Aerospace Crating & Shipping in Orange County

Some clients already know the exact specifications of their containers, while others rely on our years of experience to design their solution. To help speed the process, we've developed a specialized computer program that allows us to quickly design and price your shipping container. We've established relationships with most major shipping companies and can arrange your shipping and negotiate discounts on your behalf. It's no wonder we have thousands of satisfied clients. Orange County Crating is your one-stop crating and shipping solution for military and aerospace-related items.