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Orange County Crating is La Habra's leading choice for first-rate packaging, crating, and shipping services at competitive rates. This family-owned business has served the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial clients in La Habra for over five decades. Having built a reputation for high-quality services at a great price, we're not just La Habra's crating company of choice, but also Southern California's premier crating company. By offering customized wooden crates, boxes, and pallets/skids and full-service freight forwarding services, we've become the best one-stop crating and shipping solution serving La Habra and surrounding cities.

Our La Habra packaging services are not limited to boxes, crates, and pallets. We also offer cost-effective flat rack wrapping, strapping, and container blocking; small- and large-scale business relocations; on-site packing; and more. We can design and manufacture packaging for shipment to any domestic or international location or for short- or long-term storage. Many of our highly trained packaging specialists have been working with Orange County Crating for over 20 years and have successfully transported and stored items of nearly every size, dimension, and weight. To ensure the best results, they take the time necessary to fully understand the needs of each client and the special care required for the safe delivery of their items.

Pallets, Skids & Crating Services La Habra, California

Over the years, we have accrued thousands of satisfied customers across a wide variety of industries: aerospace, automobile, medical, defense, manufacturing, interior design, entertainment, art, and more. There are virtually no limitations to what we are able to package, and we can handle everything from a single small item to multi-dimensional oversize freights that weigh as much as 100 tons. As a certified supplier of wooden crates and shipping containers, we are experts at custom designing every solution to meet the specific needs of our clients. We are knowledgeable and fully compliant with all shipping rules and regulations, including heat-treated lumber requirements for international shipping. Our high-quality wooden packaging can be trusted to meet your shipping or storage goals without any bowing, breaking, knotting, or splintering.

Call licensed Orange County Crating today to speak with a crating, packing, and shipping expert serving the La Habra area. We'll help you determine the best shipping container and packaging for your needs and budget. Quotes are free and can be provided online, over the phone, or on-site.

Industries Served

Packing, Crating & Shipping Experts in La Habra, California

La Habra, California's Leading Experts in Packing, Crating, and Shipping Services Across All Industries

Orange County Crating is La Habra's best source for packing and crating services. We have over 50 years of experience serving all industries and have packaged and shipped items of all sizes, types, and dimensions. We provide honest, efficient packing, shipping, and handling solutions for some of the most demanding clients in the business, such as those from the the defense, aerospace, and medical industries. Not only do we have the expertise to design and manufacture packaging solutions for the most delicate and unique products produced in Southern California, but because Orange County Crating's founder Charlie Mayo was an aerospace engineer, we've set the bar high for all of our services.

We are a certified government supplier and are highly experienced and connected with the military and aerospace industries, which means that we are fully knowledgeable and compliant with the regulations and rules required to ship anything from the latest Boeing aircraft components to the newest laboratory benchtop centrifuge equipment. In addition, we are highly experienced at working with museums, auction houses, artists, trade show organizers, car dealers, and others who require infallible packing and shipping services when needing to transport their most prized and valuable possessions. However, since we also offer a wide range of more affordable packaging options, such as wooden boxes, reconditioned pallets, and open-slat crates, we are also capable of meeting the needs and budgets of small and large businesses, individuals, and families in La Habra.

As a one-stop crating and shipping solution, we offer options to accommodate even the most sensitive and fragile of items. Our packaging options include shock absorbing foam, tie-downs, A-frames, wrapping, blocking, banding, ShockWatch, tilt indicators, and more. Our diverse, high-quality shipping service capabilities also include on- or off-site business and assembly line relocation, as well as secure, efficient packing and shipping for large industrial machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, and all electronics. The combination of our employee's expertise with our self-developed advanced computer program that accurately evaluates the best packaging for all our client's needs is what makes us a 100% reliable packing and shipping company for all domestic and international shipments.

Custom-Made Boxes for Industrial, Commercial & Residential

High-Quality Custom-Made Boxes for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Applications Across La Habra, California

At Orange County Crating, we offer our La Habra clients skillfully engineered custom-designed wooden box to transport or ship products of any size or weight. Our close-sided wooden boxes are the best shipping solution for those whose items are fragile, made up of many pieces, or highly valuable. With our wooden boxes, we can also design special packing to protect your item from environmental conditions such as temperature changes, moisture, vapor, dirt, and more. We'll also carefully consider what cushioning, cradling, or blocking and strapping is necessary--without ever over-packing your item. By calling and speaking with our packing and shipping experts, you'll make sure that you are getting the precise packaging that you need for the most advantageous price. By simply giving us a call today, we will walk you through your options and develop the best packing and shipping choice for your needs.

Open-Slat Crate Wooden Shipping Box La Habra, CA

La Habra, California's Best Choice for Custom-Made Crates

Orange County Crating strives to provide our La Habra clients with the best packing and shipping solution for their particular needs--no more, no less. For items that don't require a completely enclosed wooden shipping box, we usually recommend an open-slat crate. A standard open sided crate is similar in design to a wooden cage. If your product has a solid frame and doesn't contain a number of smaller pieces or is of high value, an open-slat crate often will suffice. While there are some conditions where a box will be required, our experts will make sure you get the right shipping solution for your needs in La Habra.

Custom-Made, Standard & Reconditioned Pallets/Skids La Habra

Affordable Custom-Made, Standard, and Reconditioned Pallets/Skids for La Habra, California

At Orange County Crating, we are always looking to save our La Habra clients money without compromising the quality of their service. In many cases, a shipment item doesn't require the added security and protection of a close-sided wooden box or even an open-slat crate. In those cases, we recommend a pallet or skid with proper strapping or wrapping. Our standard-size, custom-made, and reconditioned pallets save our customers money on packaging as well as on related shipping costs. In addition, our skids allow for easy sliding, packing, and transporting, further cutting your shipping costs. Items are usually strapped down with banding and shrink wrap If you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to pack and ship your item(s), our custom or standard designed high-quality pallets and skids are your best solution.

On/Off Site Packing in La Habra for Domestic & International

La Habra, California's Leading Packing, Crating, and Shipping Provider

For over five decades, Orange County Crating has established numerous connections and long-standing relationships with thousands of clients as well as with most major shipping companies across the globe. Our long-standing, ethical business practices allow us to coordinate shipping and even negotiate discounts or match prices with other shipping companies. Our close ties with all major LTD freight carriers as well as air, ocean, and rapid delivery carriers allow for secure and convenient freight forwarding.

In addition, we can provide on or off site packing in La Habra or across Southern California. We also coordinate shipping to all domestic and international locations. As a licensed shipping company, we can be relied on to comply with all internationally established shipping regulations and laws.

Call Orange County Crating today to receive your free quote. Estimates are available over the phone, online, or onsite. Watch the link to our video to learn more about our quality packing, shipping, and crating services.

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Always so impressed with their work and most of all the people at this company are so helpful and sweet. You really do get the family owned business feel when working with them. They have exceeded our expectations and requirements every time!

Saleena H., Los Angeles, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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Orange County Crating had to deal with a difficult suppler. They picked up thousands of breakable material from supplier. they sorted out damaged pieces. Did a perfect job of packing ^,000 lbs of small pieces and shipped to ct. I can say enough about the service and professional work they do.

Edward Schine Via Google Reviews

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