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Orange County Crating has established a formidable reputation over the last 50 years as Southern California's preferred resource for high-quality packaging, crating and shipping. This reputation is built upon the exceptional experience of thousands of satisfied customers from Fullerton and other cities throughout Southern California. We offer cost-effective packing and shipping solutions for items of all sizes. Our specialty is custom designing and manufacturing wood boxes, crates, pallets and skids, but we also excel at on-site and off-site packing, coordinating business relocations, flat rack wrapping and strapping and freight forwarding services. Additionally, we offer a broad range of wood boxes, crates, pallets and skids, and can design all necessary internal packaging to secure, protect, and cushion your cargo throughout transit.

Orange County Crating handles everything from individual small items like a precious antique bracelet to industrial machinery as large as 80,000 lbs., and from single households to whole manufacturing lines. We can arrange shipment of these items to ANY destination--anywhere in the country and the world. We use our exclusive software to determine the exact specifications of your shipment, then design, engineer and manufacture custom crates, boxes or pallets specifically to those specifications--often in as little as one day.

On-Site and Off-Site Packing A Frame Small Wood Box

Our team of exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced professionals works closely with you throughout every step of the process, ensuring that your items receive precisely the right sized box, crate, or pallet, are securely packaged, and safely shipped at the best possible price. The majority of our employees have been with us for over 20 years and take pride in the great value we offer our Fullerton customers. Plus, they have successfully shipped thousands of items, including military cargo, computers, electronics, fine arts, antiques, household goods, industrial machinery and equipment, and more, to destinations across the globe.

There's a very clear advantage to having Orange County Crating cover both your crating and shipping services: We provide comprehensive and unmatched quality control throughout every step of the process, from your initial FREE and accurate estimate through final delivery. That's why more business and residential clients in Fullerton rely on Orange County Crating to meet all of their crating and shipping needs.

Orange County Crating is a certified supplier of wooden crates and shipping containers and we stay fully up-to-date and compliant with all shipping rules and regulations, including international requirements for heat-treated lumber. Call now for a free quote that can be prepared for you in minutes.

Industries Served

Comprehensive Packaging, Crating & Shipping Solutions

The Process for All Your Fullerton, CA Shipments is Easy:

Orange County Crating has been custom designing, engineering and building high quality wooden crates, boxes and pallets for Fullerton clients since 1971, and we use our experience and expertise to help you make fully informed choices about your packaging and containers. You may already know your container's specifications, but if you don't, we'll calculate them for you, using our proprietary software. We'll then manufacture a crate, box or pallet to our carefully calculated specifications. Our highly experience team can also pack your cargo for you or show you how to do it. As part of every packaging solution, we can also design and provide all internal packaging components, such as blocking, strapping, wrapping, and more. Additionally, we can coordinate all shipping/freight arrangements and even negotiate exclusive discounts.

If you'd like to learn more about Orange County Crating's comprehensive packaging, crating and shipping solutions, call us today to schedule a FREE estimate with one of our highly qualified professionals.

Heavy Duty Wood Crate, Box for Fullerton, California

Custom Designed Wooden Crates, Boxes and Pallets for Fullerton, CA's Diverse Shipping Needs

Orange County Crating's Wooden Shipping Boxes for Fullerton, CA

For over five decades Orange County Crating has packaged and shipped a wide assortment of items in custom made wooden boxes for our Fullerton clients, ranging from fragile antiques to heavy-duty machinery. Our strong and durable wooden boxes contain and protect even the heaviest items throughout the shipping process. Our experience and expertise, combined with our unique software, allow us to accurately determine whether a crate or box will work best for your shipment. Interested in more information about custom wooden boxes for your Fullerton shipments? Call us today.

Open Sided Wooden Crates Boxes for Fullerton, CA

Orange County Crating's Wooden Open-Sided Crates for Fullerton, CA

Wooden crates are an exceptionally secure, cost-effective solution for shipments with a solid, rigid frame and few or no loose parts. Crates are open-sided containers which form a frame that encloses the cargo. For highly durable items, such as industrial equipment or over-sized machines, a crate will provide the protection you need while requiring less wood, thus saving our Fullerton clients money on packaging and shipping. Orange County Crating's proprietary software ensures that the design of your crate will meet your cargo's needs and our experienced professionals pack your items carefully and thoroughly for maximum safety and security during transit. Interested in more information about custom wooden crates for your Fullerton shipments? Call us today.

Standard-Sized, Custom-Built Pallets and Skids Fullerton

Orange County Crating's Wooden Pallets and Skids for Fullerton, CA

A wooden pallet or skid offers a cost-effective way to transport items across town or around the globe. Additionally, they make it possible for convenient movement of your items within a warehouse or large facility using a forklift. Orange County Crafting offers both standard-sized pallets and skids as well as custom-built pallets and skids. We also have reconditioned pallets available in the following standard sizes: 36" x 36", 42" x 42", 48" x 40", and 48" x 48". Regardless of whether you choose a new or reconditioned pallet or skid, Fullerton clients can trust that our pallets/skids meet rigorous quality control standards to ensure their structural safety. Interested in more information about standard, reconditioned and custom wooden pallets for your Fullerton shipments? Call us today.

Commercial, Industrial Tank Crating & Packing Fullerton

Orange County Crating: Fullerton, CA's Provider of Choice for Superior Commercial, Industrial and Residential Crating and Shipping Services

Over the course of our more than 50 years in business, we have worked with a number of different industries to safely and efficiently package, crate and ship a variety of items, including business and assembly line equipment; art, antiques and collectibles; cars and motorcycles; medical and laboratory equipment; computers, and much more. As a certified government supplier, we also have extensive experience working with government, defense and aerospace contractors. Here are a few of the types of clients we serve in Fullerton and beyond:

Bicycle, Motorcycle & Household Items Packing & Shipping
  • Aerospace, Defense and Government, as well as the Contractors who Supply Them
  • Art & Antique Dealers, Galleries, Museums, Auction Houses, and Private Collectors
  • Automobile and Motorcycle Dealerships, Showrooms, and Private Owners and Collectors
  • Computers, Telecommunications, and Other High Technology Products
  • Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Medical Research Facilities, Medical Equipment and Device Manufacturers
  • Trade Show Exhibitors and Producers
  • Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses and Large Corporations
  • Factories, Assembly Lines and Manufacturing Plants
  • Individuals, Families, and Households and Estates undergoing Relocation

For the most comprehensive and reliable packaging, crating, and shipping services available in Southern California, call Orange County Crating--Fullerton's trusted resource for crating and shipping solutions

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The family antique bench needed to be crated and shipped to the 91 year old matriarch and her family in Baldwin, NY so I went to the Internet researching Google, BBB and Yelp. I gathered estimates from three companies re: pick-up, crating, transport length and delivery specifications. I hit gold when Joe Rivers at Orange County Crating responded to my request. Photos of the bench at various stages of protective packing and crating were provided. Transport time to NY was the fastest at no additional cost with XPO tracking info. Delivery included a call to the family to schedule the delivery. . .

Elaine L., Fullerton, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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I had the pleasure of working with Joe Rivers at O.C.C. He was so very helpful. I was giving the task of having a crate made for our trade show properties. I had no clue about the dimensions of the items or what the best way was to pack them let alone what size crate I should be having built but thankfully Joe picked up the phone when I called Orange County Crating and was able to answer all of my questions as well as work with me back and forth through email and multiple phone calls. I couldn't have been more impressed with the level of customer service I received as well as the price, prompt delivery and quality of the crate. . .

B M., Newport Beach, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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