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Orange County Crating is trusted by thousands of Southern California clients to provide reliable crating, packaging and shipping services at a great price. Our past clients include those from nearly every type of industry and many from the Moreno Valley area. Over the last 50 years, we've continuously improved our services and now are viewed as a local leader in crating, packaging, and shipping. Our team members are skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of crating, packaging and shipping, and many of them have worked with us for over 20 years. With every client, we provide professional, personalized service; precision crafting for all of our wooden packaging solutions; and competitive rates on all packaging materials and shipping services.

Moreno Valley, California Sculptures Shipping Service

At Orange County Crating, we can package and ship anything (except HAZMAT items) for our Moreno Valley customers--no order is too small or too large. We not only have the capacity to accommodate items of any size or weight, but we also have the expertise to design and manufacture the necessary packaging to ensure your cargo will arrive at its final destination is excellent condition. We use our state-of-the-art, proprietary computer software to accurately determine the best packaging solution and to calculate the precise specifications for your box, crate, or pallet/skid and any interior packaging, such as cushioning, blocking or bracing elements.

We not only design, engineer and manufacture the precise custom packaging our clients require to safely ship their cargo, but also ensure that our Moreno Valley client's shipping arrangements are safe, secure and as cost-efficient as possible, We offer negotiated discounts for both domestic and international shipments, and keep track of our clients' items so they can receive ongoing updates until the item gets to its designated recipient.

Orange County Crating is the preferred provider for crating, packaging and shipping services for Moreno Valley businesses and residents. We're a family-owned crating company and a certified supplier of wooden crates and shipping containers. Work with us for all your crating, packaging, and shipping needs. We provide unbeatable service and rapid turnaround times.

Questions? Give us a call and our crating and shipping experts will be be happy to answer them for you. Also, quotes are free and available in minutes.

Industries Served

Engineered Wooden Pallets, Skids & Shipping Boxes

Orange County Crating: The Best Choice for Highly Engineered Pallets & Skids for Moreno Valley, California

Orange County Crating offers a cost-effective alternative to both boxes and crates for our Moreno Valley clients--standard, custom and reconditioned pallets and skids. We carry several sizes of new and reconditioned pallets: 36" x 36", 42" x 42", 48" x 40", and 48" x 48". Additionally, we can custom design and build completely customized pallets and skids to accommodate odd spaces, large shipments, oversized items and more. These pallets are thoroughly inspected to ensure they are structurally sound and able to handle the weight of your item(s). With two-way or four-way plywood, these pallets can also make moving your items extremely easy and fast with the use of a forklift. Call today for additional information about our cost-effective standard, reconditioned, and custom wooden pallets, or to schedule a free estimate.

Custom-Made Wooden Shipping Boxes & Containers

Orange County Crating: Moreno Valley, California's Trusted Source for Custom-Made Wooden Shipping Boxes and Containers

We've boxed a large variety of items for Moreno Valley and the surrounding communities, including large machinery and equipment, electronics, medical devices, automobiles and motorcycles, and artwork and antiques. For cargo that requires custom packaging, we use our proprietary software to determine the exact dimensions of a box that will offer the most secure packaging at the lowest cost. For additional information about our superior custom wooden boxes, or to schedule a free estimate, call us today.

Three Sided Wooden Box Crate Moreno Valley, CA

Orange County Crating: The Premier Supplier of Custom Crates to Moreno Valley, California

Orange County Crating is always sensitive to the budgetary concerns of our Moreno Valley clients. So when a fully-enclosed box isn't required, we recommend an open-sided wooden crate. Wood crates are an excellent, less costly shipping option that is ideal for large items with sturdy frames. We use our special software to determine the precise dimensions for a custom crate. You'll find both your packaging and shipping costs are less than they would be with a fully enclosed wooden shipping box. For additional information about our custom wooden crates, or to schedule a free estimate, call us today.

Flat Rack Wrapping, Strapping & Container Blocking Moreno Valley

Orange County Crating: Moreno Valley, California's Preferred Provider for Flat Rack Wrapping and Strapping, and Container Blocking

Orange County Crating understands just how important it is to safely secure items onto your flat racks or inside your special containers. Over the last five decades we've become experts in providing our Moreno Valley clients with exceptional blocking and banding on flat racks, as well as safely securing their heavy, oversized or delicate items in containers. Whether your cargo is moving across town or across the globe, with Orange County Crating you can ensure that your item(s) will remain undamaged and arrive safely at its final destination. For additional information about our Flat Rack Wrapping and Strapping & Container Blocking, or to schedule a free estimate, call us today.

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As an exhibitor at a large show at the Anaheim Convention Center, my largest shipping crate was damaged and rendered unusable. With only 36 hours notice, I called Tyler at Orange County Crating who quickly gave me a fair quote and delivery time. My new crates are being delivered today several hours early and we will now be able to tear down, pack up and return to NY later today. Highly recommend these guys - pricing was awesome and service perfect! Great company!

David Colangelo Via Google Reviews

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I am a purchasing agent for a hydraulics company in Rancho Cucamonga CA. We needed a power unit shipped to the east coast over night. Tyler at Orange County Crating was extremely helpful and made it happen! Thanks OC Crating you saved the day :)

David S Via Google Reviews

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