Orange County Crating: Specialists in Custom Crating, Packaging & Shipping Services for Chino and Chino Hills, CA

Orange County Crating is Chino and Chino Hills's premier provider of custom crating, packing, and shipping services. We have served the needs of thousands of commercial, industrial and residential clients over the last 50 years and built a reputation for excellent customer service, dependable packaging solutions, and competitive pricing. As a full-service packaging, crating and shipping company, we provide:

  • Custom Wooden Boxes, Crates & Pallets/Skids
  • Military/Aerospace Packing & Crating
  • Large Machinery Packing & Crating
  • Business/Assembly Line Relocation Packing & Crating
  • Art/Antique/High Value Packing & Crating
  • Computer/Electronics Packing & Crating
  • Household Packing & Crating
  • Medical & Laboratory Equipment Packing & Crating
  • Motorcycle/Auto Packing & Crating
  • Flat Rack Wrapping and Strapping/Container Blocking
  • Domestic & International Shipping Coordination
Artwork & Sculpture Crating, Packaging & Shipping

All of the above services are provided by our dedicated packaging experts who have packaged, crated, and shipped items a broad range of items for many different industries. In fact, many of our employees have been with us for over 20 years and their accrued knowledge and experience is easy to see in every aspect of their work, from their professional consultations to the quality of the craftsmanship used in building each box, crate, and pallet.

Orange County Crating is a certified supplier of wooden boxes, crates and other wooden shipping containers. We stay up to date and in compliance with all international rules and regulations for shipping, including international heat-treated lumber requirements. Whether your shipment is business or personal, call on the most reliable and trusted provider of crating and shipping services for Chino and Chino Hills: Orange County Crating. Quotes are free and available in minutes.

Industries Served

Household Wooden Packing & Shipping Experts

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Orange County Crating: Your Top Resource for Quality Crating & Shipping Solutions for Chino and Chino Hills, CA Since 1971

Orange County Crating offers a wide variety of superior quality wooden packaging solutions to meet the needs of Chino and Chino Hills businesses and residents:

Custom Wooden Boxes & Shipping Containers

Custom Wooden Boxes/Shipping Containers for Chino and Chino Hills, CA

Orange County Crating uses our highly specialized, proprietary software to accurately measure the precise specifications of your shipment, then calculate the dimensions of the custom container and offer you a quote. Once accepted, we manufacture exactly the right wooden shipping container needed, always in compliance with national and international regulations. Call us today to learn more about our custom wooden enclosures or to schedule a free estimate.

Custom Open-Sided Wooden Crates for Chino and Chino Hills, CA

Orange County Crating offers custom open-sided wooden crates as a cost-effective alternative to fully enclosed wooden boxes. We use our unique software to determine the exact specifications required and then design and manufacture the crate needed. Call us today to learn more about our custom wooden crates, or to schedule a free estimate.

Short Board Pallets Chino & Chino Hills, California

Standard, Reconditioned, and Custom Wooden Skids & Pallets for Chino and Chino Hills, CA

Over the last five decades, Orange County Crating has become the packaging professional of choice for thousands of clients in Chino, Chino Hills and the surrounding communities. Our clients know they can count on us to determine the best, most cost effective packaging available for their shipments. New, reconditioned and custom pallets and skids are an economical alternative to wooden boxes and crates. These pallets and skids are available with 2- or 4-way plywood as well as Skid-Mates, foam or shock absorption. Our new standard pallets are built to exacting specifications, and our reconditioned standard pallets are thoroughly inspected to ensure structural stability before reuse. If a custom pallet is needed, we use our proprietary software to accurately determine the dimensions of the shipment and manufacture exactly the pallet needed. Call us today to learn more about our standard, reconditioned and custom wooden pallets/skids, or to schedule a free estimate.

Secure Flat Rack Strapping & Wrapping in Chino Hills, CA

Secure Flat Rack Strapping and Wrapping & Container Blocking for Industrial Shipments, Chino and Chino Hills, CA

Since we began business in 1971, Orange County Crating has amassed a broad range of experience in safely securing machinery and other industrial equipment onto flat racks and inside containers. We've worked extensively with machinery movers, large corporations and small businesses to secure their items for the safest shipment, and are recognized experts in blocking, banding and securing machinery into containers. That's why more businesses, corporations and industries in Chino, Chino Hills and the surrounding areas trust Orange County Crating for all their shipping needs. Call us today to learn more about our flat rack wrapping and strapping as well as container blocking services.

Custom Wooden Trade Show Boxes for Equipment

Custom Wooden Trade Show Boxes for Chino, Chino Hills, & Surrounding Cities

Orange County Crating has worked extensively with a number of trade show exhibitors and producers over the last 50 years to custom design, engineer and manufacture custom trade show boxes that are versatile, convenient, and long-lasting. Our trade show boxes are engineered to withstand long-term use and to safely store trade show items, and many can be engineered to double as your trade show display, significantly reducing the amount of time needed for build-up and tear-down. Orange County Crating installs several protective measures to safely secure your trade show items--from shock-absorbent foam to tie-downs--to ensure that your boxed items remain in safe condition from trade show to trade show. Call us today to learn more about our custom wooden trade show units, or to schedule a free estimate.

Why Chino Residents & Businesses Choose Orange County Crating

It was 50 years ago when Orange County Crating began building a first-class reputation in Southern California for providing superior custom wooden crating and shipping services. When the company began business in 1971, founders Charlie & Marie Mayo set very high standards for strong professional expertise and personal customer service that remain unmatched to this day. When you combine their superior expertise and level of customer service with their skill for designing and engineering the perfect custom container and their competitive rates, it's no wonder that more and more businesses and residents in Chino and Chino Hills choose Orange County Crating to crate and ship their valuable cargo. To find out more, call us today for a free consultation and estimate.

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The family antique bench needed to be crated and shipped to the 91 year old matriarch and her family in Baldwin, NY so I went to the Internet researching Google, BBB and Yelp. I gathered estimates from three companies re: pick-up, crating, transport length and delivery specifications. I hit gold when Joe Rivers at Orange County Crating responded to my request. Photos of the bench at various stages of protective packing and crating were provided. Transport time to NY was the fastest at no additional cost with XPO tracking info. Delivery included a call to the family to schedule the delivery. . .

Elaine L., Fullerton, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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I recently had to ship a 6 foot square, 4 foot tall antique Italian fountain to go to Canada. Orange County Crating gave me an estimate based on the dimensions, sent a team out to measure it, and custom built a box to ship the whole thing. They came back a few days later and had it loaded into the box and onto a truck in less than an hour. The box was made specifically for the fountain, was really sturdy, and had all sorts of braces and things. . .

William C.
San Francisco, CA
Via Yelp Testimonial

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