Expert Packing, Crating, and Freight Forwarding Services for Buena Park, CA's Domestic and International Shipping Needs

Orange County Crating is Buena Park's leading provider of first-rate, competitively priced packaging, crating, and shipping.

We specialize in:

  • customized wooden crates
  • custom-made wooden boxes
  • standard, custom-made, and reconditioned pallets/skids
  • flat rack wrapping, strapping, container blocking
  • small and large scale business relocations
  • domestic and international freight forwarding/shipping coordination

With all of the above services, OC Crating is Southern California's premier one-stop crating and shipping solution. We'll provide expert consultations; fast, accurate quotes; timely packaging design and manufacturing, on-site or off-site packing, and secure and reliable shipment coordination to any domestic or international location across the world. Throughout this process, we'll keep you well-informed of your product's location until it reaches its final destination safely.

Our family-owned, local business has served the Buena Park community since 1971, which means that we have accrued of 50 years of experience and become experts in meeting the diverse needs of our residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We have served thousands of customers over the last five decades and have never had an item we couldn't package and ship. We have no minimum or maximum size or weight requirements, and always work closely with our clients to design a cost-effective packing and shipping that will meet their unique needs.

We serve a broad array of industries, including the aerospace, automobile, medical, defense, manufacturing, interior design, entertainment, art, antique, trade show, and more. Our employees are highly trained and skilled, and many have been working with our company for over 20 years. This level of experience and expertise means there are virtually no limitations to what we are able to package for our clients. We personally pack, crate, and ship everything from single small items as light as cotton, to multi-dimensional oversize machinery weighing as much as 100 tons. As a certified supplier of wooden crates and shipping containers, we are knowledgeable and fully compliant with all shipping rules and regulations, including heat-treated lumber requirements for international shipping.

Orange County Crating is licensed and our honest, professional staff members will provide Buena Park clients with free, instant quotes over the phone or online. We can also visit your Buena Park work site and provide a free professional consultation and estimate. Please view our video to learn more about how Orange County Crating is the smartest choice for all your Buena Park packing, crating, and shipping needs.

Industries Served

Large Storage Boxes, Crates Buena Park, California

Buena Park, CA's Most Affordable Choice for Custom-Made Crates

Orange County Crating strives to provide our Buena Park clients with the best prices available, and will walk you through whether a crate is the best packing and shipping option for your needs. A crate is an open-sided container similar in design to a wooden cage, and is an excellent shipping option for our customers who want to save money on their shipping and packaging costs. If you have a product with a solid frame, such as a motorcycle, metal sculpture, machinery, equipment, etc., and little to no loose parts, a crate is likely right for you. Our shipping experts--most with 20 years of experience--can walk you through the decision-making process and determine if a crate will meet your needs without sacrificing the necessary security and protection of your product. With our high-quality crates, you can rest assured that they will never bow, break, knot, or splinter. Call today for a fast, free crating and shipping quote.

Art, Antiques, Trade Show Items Packing Services

Reliable Custom-Made Wooden Shipping Boxes for Buena Park, CA

Since 1971 Orange County Crating has offered Buena Park clients highly engineered custom-designed wooden boxes to transport or ship products of any size or weight. Our close-sided wooden boxes are the best shipping solution for those whose items are fragile, made up of many pieces, or highly valuable. With our wooden boxes, we can also design special packing to protect your item from environmental conditions such as moisture, vapor, temperature changes, dirt, debris, and more. We'll also carefully consider what cushioning, cradling, blocking, or strapping is necessary--without any over-packaging. By speaking with our packing and shipping experts, you'll make sure that you are getting the precise packaging that you need for the most advantageous price. By simply giving us a call today, we will walk you through your options and develop the best packing and shipping choice for your needs.

Standard & Reconditioned Pallets & Skids Buena Park, CA

Custom-Made, Standard, and Reconditioned Pallets & Skids for Buena Park, CA

At Orange County Crating, we realize that many items do not always need a crate or box. That is why we offer our Buena Park clients high-quality standard, custom-made, and reconditioned pallets and skids. By using a pallet/skid to ship or transport your item, you'll save money on your packaging and shipping costs. Plus, you can trust that your item will be safely secured with banding, shrink wrap, and/or straps. All of our pallets/skids feature high-quality wood and excellent workmanship. Plus, they are environmentally friendly and facilitate sliding, lifting, transporting, and packing. Call today for a fast, free quote.

Onsite Packing with Pallets, Skids Buena Park, CA

Orange County Crating: Onsite Packing, Freight Coordination, and Business and Assembly Line Relocation for Buena Park, CA

In addition to our high-quality custom-made boxes, crates, pallets, and skids, our diverse shipping service capabilities include on or off-site business and assembly line relocation, freight forwarding, and flat rack wrapping, strapping, and container blocking.

Our skilled professionals can go onsite to your business or home in Buena Park, calculate the exact specifications needed for your packaging, provide our best professional shipping recommendations and estimates, and ship your item--all in as little as one day. Our close ties with all major LTD freight carriers as well as air, ocean, and rapid delivery carriers allow for secure and convenient freight forwarding. If you have an existing account with another carrier, Orange County Crating will use your same account number, in addition to providing price comparisons and arrival updates throughout the delivering of your item. We customize our packing services depending on the value, weight, and size of the item you wish to transport, and are highly trained at strapping your item to our shipping containers using flat rack wrapping, strapping, and container blocking to ensure your assets are completely secure. We also specialize in helping small businesses to large corporations through their business relocation from Buena Park to any global destination, making sure all their electronic, machinery, office, and assembly line assets are safely packaged and transported for an easy move.

As a licensed shipping company we comply with all domestic and international regulations and provide quality packing, shipping, and crating solutions to meet the need of our Buena Park clients with no unnecessary costs. Call Orange County Crating today to receive your free quote. Estimates are available over phone, online, or onsite. You are also encouraged to click on the link to our video to learn more about our quality packing, shipping, and crating services for Buena Park, CA.

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Customer Reviews


I had the pleasure of working with Joe Rivers at O.C.C. He was so very helpful. I was giving the task of having a crate made for our trade show properties. I had no clue about the dimensions of the items or what the best way was to pack them let alone what size crate I should be having built but thankfully Joe picked up the phone when I called Orange County Crating and was able to answer all of my questions as well as work with me back and forth through email and multiple phone calls. I couldn't have been more impressed with the level of customer service I received as well as the price, prompt delivery and quality of the crate. . .

B M., Newport Beach, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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All around great people. Show up and do what they say they will do.

Shipped a large and fragile 3D printer with them- showed up in perfect condition and was able to plug it in and go.

Shipped a few other large or strange items as well. Same story- showed up in the condition I gave it to them in.

Pricing is great too. Ive had to use crating services in other states and OCC seems to have it down to a science.

Mike S., Lake Forest, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

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